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Kitten Maker by Kamirah

I really love Kitten Maker. As some other Deviants said, though, more colours would be great. As would an option to make an adult cat, but I guess it is called Kitten Maker. If you could choose more about the kitten, for example the fur length, tail length and the type of eye (like a dialated pupil or a scared-type pupil and also the colours) it would be a massive improvement! More cat characteristics would be great...also, different poses would be cool, but that is really hard...The kitten, possibly, could be able to be zoomed? I have noticed on some of the newer DollDivine games you can add more than one model. That would be awesome on this! Maybe things like studded collars and scars would be a nice touch, too. Alot of cat makers are used to make Warrior Cats, so things to do with that would be cool. For example, prey, kits, get the idea. Clan symbols would be great, but I'm sort of getting off-topic. Really, overall, this is great. I love it, love making my warrior on here! I'm about to go try no.2.
I really love it! Great! You are so talented...I wish I could do that. Mmm, thinking of that...
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